A Day In Life – Hong Kong



The Story

About 2.5 million of Hong Kong people are born outside. How do the new Hongkongers see the local culture?

Kindergarten teacher Keiko always wants to visit the local elderly home with her students. She called the elderly homes. All seemed fine until she told them the students are Japanese.

Who are we in the eyes of the new arrivals? Are we actually what we think we are?

4 people from different country and different cultures sit down and talk with us about how they feel about Hong Kong. We use one day to visit them all.

Production Team

RTHK production 2010 Duration: 150 min Format: PAL HD
RTHK production 2007
Duration: 30 min
Format: PAL HD

Jonathan Mak
Yuen Ka fai

3D Animations
Oliver Cheung

Yuen Ka Fai
Jonathan Mak